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IKO Flat Roofing Systems

Here we are with options for flat roofing:


  1. concrete structure
  2. IKOpro bitumen primer for sealing the concrete
  3. vapourscreen (IKO base V3 F/T 10m)
  4. IKOpro PU glue to paste insulation.
  5. IKO Enertherm ALU 40 cm or 80 cm
  6. IKO base Quadra F/SA vapourscreen to protect final layer and insulation.
  7. Final layer options:
    a) IKO Carrara F (white for sun roofs)
    b) IKO roofgarden 4 APP T/F for green roofs
    c) IKO Powergum 4 AD/F for standard roofs

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