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Armourshield – Cover Your House with IKO Shingles from Belgium

– 30 years warranty by manufacturer
– Resistance to storm and strong winds (up to 220km/h!)
– Light weight, thermal isolation
– Great choice of colors and shapes
– Low budget, comparing with other roofing materials
– Additional discount: only 24 GEL per sq. meter (if purchased 100 sq. m. or more)

One of IKO’s most popular roof shingles

One of IKO’s most popular roof shingles is the hexagonal shaped ArmourShield. Thanks to its self-adhesive characteristic it can be used all over the world, from the cold snowy winters in Russia to the hot sticky summers in Egypt.
Easy application (for professional roofers): Base is a wooden or concrete underdeck construction with a waterproof IKO underlayment. Apply roof shingles with IKO nails. You would need +/- 35 pc/m². Valley, hips and ridges are easy to install without purchasing a huge range of extra accessories.

Foresee solid insulation and also good ventilation for an optimal and long-lasting roof - improving heating and cooling costs. Eaves, rakes, walls, chimneys, roof windows, etc. require metal flashings.

Download application instruction file here.
ArmourShield is a popular roof shingle in stormy areas like coastal areas or mountain ranges, thanks to its exceptional resistance to strong winds. Armourshield roof tile shingles are extensively tested in a wind tunnel and the results were impressive. All IKO shingles can easily resist winds, but ArmourShield roof shingles also can resist to strong winds up to 220km/h. Seems like the best roof shingle to install in stormy areas.
ArmourShield is a roof shingle with not only nice technical details. The esthetics of the asphalt shingle makes it a great choice too. This roof shingle is available in 9 carefully composed shingle colours. On each ArmourShield colour (except black) you can also find the unique shadowband, which definitely gives an extra dimension to your safe shingles roof.
In certain countries (Italy, Spain, Cuba, Romania,..) shingles are also being installed on concrete roof decks. ArmourShield is an ideal asphalt roof shingle for this application. For a correct roof application, certain guidelines should be followed. It is important that the roof deck is cleaned and dust free. The use of a bitumen primer is recommended. This primer needs to dry before you can proceed with the following step. You cannot install the ArmourShield roof shingles directly on the concrete deck. An APP based underlay (like Armourgum IKOnic) should first be torched onto the roof. Then you should nail (and not(!) torch) the roof shingles on the “melted” APP membrane. Thanks to the self-adhesive back of the Armourshield, these roof shingle tiles will perfectly attach to the membrane and you’ll have a roof that will withstand each weather condition!

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